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Welcome to Retrofit Productions.

I’m excited to announce the development of a new tool called Level Director X.

This fills a much needed gap in providing a toolset for developing with the Corona SDK under a Windows environment (MAC also supported).


Also in development is my first mobile game called Hunchback which is a remake of the original Commodore 64 game.

This is written using the Corona SDK and is about 90% complete.



5 Responses

  1. David

    Hi, I’m keen to trial Level Director X – I’ve downloaded the free version but I find I’m not able to export a level. Is this restricted in the free version? I’d like to test the implementation of the level and test in the Corona Simulator. Many thanks for any help.

  2. David

    Hi, thanks for your message. I checked the link you included above and I’m sure I’m following that regards basic set up. I didn’t set up a command – I just wanted to export a level and then manually edit the lua file to use that exported level file. I’ve recorded a short screencast to illustrate, if you could offer any advice that would be great. Many thanks.

  3. Davide

    Hello , I have a problem , when I do the build in Android sdk crown I get this error (build error # 11 )
    my app was made with director level x , I can not fix it , could you help me ? Thanks so much

    • admin

      Hi, if it runs in the simulator then build errors will have to be directed to Corona as I have no control over this.

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