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Level Director X
Level Director X is a cross platform level designer and asset manager specifically designed to work with the Corona SDK.


  Level Director X – Feature Highlights

Cross Platform
Level Director X works on both Mac OS and Windows platforms.
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Animation Editor
Create multiple animation sequences with the built-in animation editor
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Physics Collision Editor
Set polygon, rectangle or ellipse physic body types using the visual editor. Multi-body fixtures are supported and the ‘Auto-Trace’ feature
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Level Director X supports custom themes and comes shipped with three standard ones.
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Joints, Beziers and Paths
Among the standard Rectangle, Ellipse and Text vector objects, Level Director X also supports Joint, Bezier, Button, Marker and Path
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Asset Manager
The Asset Manager is at the heart of Level Director and allows you to import your game assets and texture
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Preview Dock
For wide levels that do not fit the screen the preview window can be used to see the whole level
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Corona LUA Library
Tried and tested Corona LUA Library comes as standard and takes care of the heavy lifting which includes parallax scrolling, so
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Template Engine
The template engine allows you to create an export template which can be tailored to suit any third party SDK.
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TexturePacker and PhysicsEditor Support
Full support for importing spritesheets created in Texture Packer or Shoebox and physics from Physics Editor.
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Project Management
Level Director X allows you to create multiple levels within a single project.
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Blend Mode
Level Director X supports a vast array of blend modes and gives a live visual indication of what it will
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6 Responses

  1. admin

    V1.0.2 Released
    * Feature – Added image fill to button, rectangle, ellipse and polygon objects
    * Feature – Added message to license dialog to make it more intuitive
    * Bug – Fixed crash when asset selected and switched to different project
    * Bug – Fixed issue when project path contained spaces it would give ‘Error writing file’ message

  2. admin

    v1.0.3 Released
    * Feature – Import physics now supports non-xml spritesheets and images.
    * Feature – Improved Import physics matching when used with Texturepacker to omit file extension
    * Feature – Show wait cursor when pasting objects
    * Bug – Fixed typo on polygon object name
    * Feature – Added CTRL+P shortcut to disable/enable snap to grid.
    * Feature – Improved number sequencing when copying/pasting objects.
    * Bug – Corrected exported template name in example projects
    * Bug – Fixed follow path code in LDX_Helper file when end of path reached

  3. admin

    Level Director X V1.0.4 Released (use the free version to download the update)
    * Bug – Category bit now exported correctly
    * Bug – Maskbit now exported correctly
    * Bug – SetLimits not working for ‘piston’ joints
    * Feature – Parallax Damping property added to Level
    * Feature – LD_HelperX parallax scrolling functions updated to support damping
    * Feature – Physics Body – Linear Damping added
    * Feature – Physics Body – Angular Damping added
    * Feature – Physics Body – Gravity Scale added
    * Feature – Physics Body – Group Index added
    * Feature – Corona Export Template and LDX_Helper updated to support new Physic Body properties.
    * Feature – Follow path now supports polygons in additon to polylines and beziers
    * Feature – LD_HelperX follow path functions updated to support polygons and constant speed across all nodes.
    * Feature – Scroller example updated to support parallax damping and better bounds checking.
    * Feature – Object User Properties can now be accessed via ‘property’ e.g myobj.property[‘userprop1’]
    * Feature – New Follow Path example added

  4. Don

    Hi. I purchased the full version a year or so ago. How do i get the upgrade to x?


  5. admin

    Level Director X V1.0.5 Released (use the free version to download the update)

    * Feature – OSX – Enabled shortcut key for toggling full screen.
    * Feature – Changed object selection rectangle to appear on top of all objects
    * Feature – New Metal Slug example added
    * Feature – Polygon, Path and Bezier objects no longer created as display objects if visible set to false, for use when just the data points are needed.
    * Feature – CTRL+D short cut added to duplicate selected object(s)
    * Feature – New option added to preferences to order the layers from bottom to top in the layer tree.
    * Bug – Avoid creating extra blank lines when copying project template.
    * Bug – Physics import no longer fails if circle objects found.
    * Bug – Fixed Level Resize when applying offset values to objects.
    * Bug – Fill image would use incorrect frame index when part of a sprite sheet.
    * Bug – Export correct size for polygon objects
    * Bug – Sprite sheets that have changed are now reloaded on start-up.
    * Bug – ‘Delete’ short cut indicator missing from context menu.
    * Bug – LDX_Helper – anchor points now set before applying physics.

  6. admin

    Level Director X V1.1.0 Released (use the free version to download the update)
    * Feature – Preferences, added option to avoid sub pixel positions.
    * Feature – Duplicated levels now appear as ‘untitled’ to prompt saveAs with the project folder as the default.
    * Feature – The ‘Export Name’ is now defaulted to the file name for duplicated levels.
    * Feature – Margin now only updates when preference dialog is closed rather than dynamically.
    * Feature – User Properties defined at Asset level are now exported down to associated object instances.
    * Bug – Fix spritesheet load for when frames change.
    * Bug – Guide line is now shown on top of all objects when drawing polygon type objects.
    * Bug – Asset size is reloaded in case it has changed.
    * Bug – Fixed ‘button’ export to specify correct frame for ‘down’ fill image.
    * Bug – Objects moved to different layer retain their original name.
    * Bug – Fixed bug in setLayerVisible function in LD_LoaderX for objects with no view.
    * Bug – Fix bug in LD_HelperX button disable function.
    * Bug – When showing physics bodies, multi-body polygons would not render in the correct position if the object was flipped.
    * Bug – Fixed crash when removing a Layer

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