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Level Director X – Documentation


Asset – This refers to an imported image/texture atlas.  You can specify the physics attributes of an asset. An example would be an image of a boulder or rock and you would set the physic attributes accordingly.

LayerA layer is the canvas where you place your objects.  Multiple layers can be added to create parallax effects or to easily group objects.

Object – In most cases an object is a display object i.e. an object that will be displayed on the level/layer.  The object will be linked to an asset and therefore will inherit its properties.  An example would be the boulder, you would place instances of the boulder asset on the layer.

Target The target device display size (guide lines are added to show the target screen size).

Topics (click on image for further information)

1. Structure
This diagram gives an overview to how the entities are structured within Level Director X, start with ‘Project’.
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2. User Interface
A quick overview highlighting some of the key features on the screen. Main Toolbar Tools Toolbar Project Tools Layer Tools
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3. Getting Started
Home The home page allows quick access to one of the example projects or to one of your recently used
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4. Asset Manager
  The Asset Manager is at the heart of Level Director X (LDX) and allows you to import your game
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5. Animation Editor
The animation window allows you to create multiple animation sequences from a single asset group (spritesheet). Select the asset you
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6. Physics Editor
The Physics Editor allows you to add physic based collision properties to a given asset. Right-click on an asset and
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7. Corona LUA Library
Level Director X ships with two library modules which act as support files for when using the Corona SDK export
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8. Tips and Tricks (Video)
In this video we cover some of the widely asked questions and provide general tips to help improve your user
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9. Joints
Joints (work in progress) This is one of the more complex features in LDX and can be tricky to setup.
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